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Physical Distance does not have to mean social distance. Connect with your friends, family, and community with virtual events

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Are you a business owner who has been struggling to engage with your community or customers during the COVID19 pandemic? Vir-Bee can plan, host, and run an event for your company to engage with attendees safely and comfortably from their own home. Whether you want to promote your own products or you simply want to be connected; we can help design the event that is right for you and your business. Our business events come with all of the ticket packages from other events including gift boxes, dinner, and drink options. Plus our Zero Risk Pricing, all fees are based on ticket sales and event proceeds. This means you’ll pay based on the size and success of your event. Our success is your success so you don’t pay until after the event is successful.

Connect With Your Community

You need to connect with your community. You feel frustrated by the constraints that the new normal has brought with it. And you shouldn’t have to choose between being safe and being social.

So stop waiting and start connecting with your audience with virtual events. Schedule your free consultation with vir-bee, get your custom designed event, pick a date, then relax and enjoy the Vir-Bee experience!

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