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Are you a business owner who has been struggling to engage with your community or customers during the COVID19 pandemic?  Vir-Bee can plan, host, and run an event for your company to engage with attendees safely and comfortably from their own home.  Whether you want to promote your own products or you simply want to be connected; we can help design the event that is right for you and your business.  Our business events come with all of the ticket packages from other events including gift boxes, dinner, and drink options.  Plus our Zero Risk Pricing, all fees are based on ticket sales and event proceeds.  This means you’ll pay based on the size and success of your event.  Our success is your success so you don’t pay until after the event is successful.  Do you want to be connected with your community?

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Consisting of anything from live music to stand up comedy, these events offer the opportunity for artists to connect with their audience without the risk of in-person concerts.  Attendees can enjoy the entertainment from the comfort of their own homes with the option of having dinner, drinks, and/or a gift box of commemorative items delivered for the event!

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Vir-Bee is a virtual events platform that integrates video chat, raffle, auction, and other entertainment software into one comprehensive virtual experience.  We offer a variety of ticket packages that include the options of dinner, drinks, and event specific gift boxes delivered right to each attendee.  The Vir-Bee team handles event planning, ticket sales, shipping, and all the other behind the scenes work that is crucial for a successful fundraiser.  

Each event is personally customized to fit the needs of the non-profit or organization.  Entertainment options include guest speakers, video chat, networking, music, comedy, and much more.  If you have another idea for entertainment our team will work diligently to make it happen for your event.

Because we are so confident in our platform, and because we know how stressful fundraising can be; Vir-Bee offers Zero Risk Pricing.  All fees are tied directly to the success of your event; through ticket sales and other event proceeds.

 We are building our Fall Event Lineup now!  And we can schedule events as soon as 6 weeks out.  To book your virtual event or to learn more Click Read More!

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Camden Mcgregor

Founder & Ceo

Norman Mugisha

Cheif Technical Officer


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Camden was a military brat and therefore moved around quite a bit, but his family always found their way back to Colorado.  So despite living in Virginia and Germany and his family being from Texas, Colorado was always home.  Camden moved down to the Sonoran Desert of Tucson, Arizona in 2014 to study agricultural business economics and management at the University of Arizona and to play rugby for the Wildcats.  Unfortunately this stint didn’t last long as injuries plagued his career at UA and forced him to hang up his boots his sophomore year.  Camden turned his passion for the game and leadership skills towards coaching.  In addition to coaching at U of A, he assists with high school rugby and serves as the Head Coach and a Board Member for The Engage Foundation which is a non-profit organization that provides free rugby events for underserved youth and teaches them life-skills through the game.  He is also a co-host for The Cam & Otis Show, a father-son podcast that discusses leadership, entrepreneurship, and much more.  After graduation, Camden followed his entrepreneurial spirit and worked with a few different agricultural startups in Arizona, but like many others these businesses struggled greatly in 2020 during the COVID19 pandemic.  It was a few weeks into the first round of quarantine and what is now our new normal when Camden had the idea to create a virtual events platform, Vir-Bee would follow shortly.

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